The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

When I purchased the long-abandoned Bancroft Manor far far away in a parallel universe I fulfilled my dream of finding the place where I could establish an Apothecary of Creativity within a residential, communal setting.

Bancroft Manor, formerly an upscale sanitorium appeared to meet all my needs. The manor house is spacious enough to house a significant number of residents. I decided that within this communal environment I could not only provide residency for creatives but also provide an online course for those who feel that they would benefit from my dispensary and creative infusions.

I am offering inexpensive, long term residency. While participants are only asked to pay a one-off joining fee there is an expectation that they will actively support me as I establish Bancroft Manor and that they will help me extend my reach.

Depending on what you can afford, use Pay Pal to pay my agent, You may choose to pay either $20 $35 or $40 in your local currency. This one-off payment will be used to help support the project.

Members need to have an account with WordPress! Go to WordPress to sign up. Upon paying participants simply need to email me:- and introduce themselves. Then they will be added to any associated Bancroft Manor which houses the initial online course. This is a private site that is only available to residents.

As financial members, no matter how much they chose to pay, participants will have permanent access to all resources provided by McClure and choose whether to join a collaborative blog. They will be encouraged to join a private Facebook group. 

Of course, there is no obligation to post any material online! Participants can choose to be a voyeur and keep their ideas to themselves.

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