I am delighted to note that residents are beginning to explore the Manor and find places like the Library (Source of the Library Image)

Almurta's Journal

Almurta was at a loose end.   There weren’t many residents at the Manor yet and those that had arrived were mostly keeping to themselves as they settled in.   Georgina McClure, the founder of the Bancroft Collective, was understandably busy dashing here and there as she got the place up and running.

Left to her own devices Almurta decided to explore the communal spaces of the Manor.  The comfortable lounge rooms, the wide sun decks, the music rooms and the dining suite were all charming but it wasn’t until she found the library that she began to feel at ease.

Georgina McClure was a descendant of the Australian socialist visionary George Watson.  Beneath a portrait of him hanging in the library entrance Almurta found old publications of his ideas.  Sitting down on a comfortable chair she settled in for some serious reading.

George (Almurta felt he would accept the informality of…

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