The Vision of the Bancroft Collective

“The Bloomsbury Group was a small, informal association of artists and intellectuals who lived and worked in the Bloomsbury area of central London. Most prominent of these was novelist and essayist Virginia Woolf. In all, only about a dozen people at any one time could have called themselves members of the group. Beginning shortly before 1910, the Bloomsbury Group gathered at irregular intervals for conversation, companionship, and the refueling of creative energy.

The members of Bloomsbury, or “Bloomsberries,” would more or less maintain allegiance to their mutual philosophy of an ideal society, even through a World War and three decades of tectonic shifts in the political climate. They had no codified agenda or mission. They were not political in the ordinary sense of the word. Most importantly, there was no application or initiation required to become a member. Bloomsbury was an informal hodgepodge of intellectual friends, and one either merited inclusion to that circle or one did not. No rules of order, as in a committee, governed the way in which Bloomsbury managed their interactions. Instead, they held impromptu dinners and gatherings where any number of topics was the subject of serious discussion and contemplation. These intellectual exchanges served as the main influence on later work by individual members”.

It is anticipated that the Bancroft Manor Collective, like the Bloomsberries, will assist with the refuelling of creativity. Unlike many famed artistic collectives Bancroft Manor is situated somewhere in cyber space and initially provides members with fellowship and access to an online Writing for Wellness course. While it is not expected that it will become vast and unwieldy it will be interesting to see how it evolves and takes shape!


  • The idea of creating an online group that connects people in a similar way to the Bloomsbury Circle is intriguing. To keep it small appeals to me. I am beginning to think that the writing I do within this group is a way of sorting out my ideas. I think it will form seed material for more mainstream writing projects that I will post on my main blog.

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  • The whole idea of the collective or circle is very appealing! And I certainly see the ideas that I provide in the online course as being transferable. It is really is a case of planting seeds. Who knows what the seeds will grow and become?

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