Toning the Creative Spirit

An artistic impression of the wharf near the Bancroft Estate!

When I decided to offer an online version of a Writing For Wellness course my nom de plume has been running in the town we live in, I wondered what shape it would take. After spreading the word that those who love the Expressive Arts could take up residence in the virtual Bancroft Manor and have access to this course some trusting souls actually responded and signed up. These members are now in a closed Facebook group and they are helping to paint a picture of Bancroft Manor by establishing identities and doing things like writing about inhabitants such as Eramus the Groundskeeper or describing time spent visiting the Library.

When you come to a place like Bancroft Manor and engage in the associated online course it is a bit like going to one of those health places where you nurture your soul by treating your body like a temple, engaging in yoga and meditation, eating the right foods and generally getting physically fitter. By contrast, everything about this world supports the notion of nurturing and toning the creative spirit. The jury is in! There is plenty of evidence to support the idea that creativity heals and that when you take the time to work collaboratively and do exercises like those that are offered, projects you are working on are enhanced and you will become more prolific.

Initially, members are road testing ideas to enrich their capacity to build characters and The Determined Passenger and The Shift are just two examples of responses to the first exercise. If you believe your creative spirit might benefit from working alongside this group check out the FAQ page for details about how to join.

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