When asked to contemplate the notion of the forces which impact on characters creative habitats this resident of Bancroft explores the concept!

Almurta's Journal

Metaphorically Almurta hung upside down from a branch on the ash tree for more than a week.  It was odd and unsettling.   First it felt like all the random bits and pieces and extraneous detail she had clung to and called important fell away.   It was like shaking out all the crumpled shopping lists and bus tickets that get crammed into the deep pockets of an old, well worn overcoat.

That bit wasn’t so bad though she was dismayed to see just how much of it wasn’t even hers – other people’s ideas, fears induced by too much media consumption, old behaviours imposed by society etc. It was uncomfortable to see how much she’d taken on from outside sources but it was also kind of impersonal.

It was what happened next that got unpleasant.   As her body relaxed her mind began to empty out.  It was a hard thing to…

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