Day 2 Horror Tarot Challenge

The circus was so important to home-front morale that President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave Ringling Bros. special permission to use the rails during World War II.

Georgies living room

It is a joy to work with Georgie in her home, surrounded by so many of the things that she loves.

We sat over afternoon tea, considering how the art of having afternoon tea with friends, often on a Sunday, had been replaced with gatherings at cafes. The Covid pandemic, lockdowns and social distancing has meant that these places have been closed and we both feel excited by the prospect of meeting over afternoon tea again. I told her about the things that Mum would put together. Her legendary iced sponge cakes and tomato sandwiches were always a winner. Georgie told me about gatherings her aunt, who raised her, presided over and we both agreed that there was a lot to be said for having Salons with like minded people.

As we relaxed we agreed to pull a card in response to questions posed on a Horror Tarot Challenge. Georgie shuffled the cards as I reminded her that the question asked her to consider what, if anything, had sucked the life out of her.

As Georgie looked at the Death Card she was unequivocal. It was watching the circus die a slow, agonising death that had crippled her. She had endured much in her lifetime, including the death of her mother when she was only a child. But nothing had prepared her for the death of the circus.

I suggested that she get a big sheet of paper and mark some of the events that led to the demise of the Circus, to circle some events and make notes about what she remembered. I also suggested that she make a scar coat by pinning things onto one of the capes she had worn.

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