The Tarot Midwife and Popess Meet

“The circus is the only ageless delight that you can buy for money,” Ernest Hemingway wrote in a three-page essay for the Ringling Bros. program in 1953. “It is the only spectacle I know, that, while you watch it, gives the quality of a truly happy dream.”

The Tarot Midwife

Allow me to introduce myself. I am The Tarot Midwife. When I bought the Legrande Circus and Side Show Tarot I bought it specifically to use as a part of my practice as a specialist teacher of writing, purveyor of creative stimuli and artistic midwife who gets joy out of birthing creative ideas.

Once this deck arrived I knew that this was going to be an important part of my creative medicine bag and that it would help me work with memoir. Under another name I have actually run, and will be running more Memoir Courses for the Goldfields Library Corporation in Bendigo. When I am working with people I always stress the importance of trusting the process. So, I held my breath and trusted that I would be guided by a force more powerful than myself. I heeded my own advice and laid out a spread that asked

  • Who will be my primary character?
  • What stage of their life are they in?
  • What is their best action at this point of time?

I cannot deny that it took my breath away when the Popess (Circus Tarot Reader – Georgina McClure) emerged as the primary protagonist. I was delighted when she agreed to meet me at her home in the country and when she agreed to work with me, to put together material that could be used if she takes the leap and writes the memoir she has known she should write. I reassure her that no one produces such things overnight, but that I have my own ‘magic tricks’ to help facilitate the process.

This site will focus on Georgie’s (as she likes to be known) journey as she puts together material for her memoir.

I have caught the Popess at a time when she is in a reflective mood. She retired from the circus many years ago and lives quietly in the country surrounded by animals who she rescues. Georgie was receptive to my offer to help her put together a memoir because she is in a period of transformation.


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