A Past Life Reading

Do you believe you have lived before? Are you curious about your past life? How might a past life reading be incorporated into a memoir?

Reincarnation appears to be woven into the fabric of the modern esoteric tarot. That fact, combined with tarot’s unique ability to tap thoughts, memories, and stories long submerged in the subconscious, makes the deck a powerful tool for exploring past lives.

Karly is the delightful Village Tarot Witch on Instagram @thevillagetarotwitch Everyone loves her unique approach using chalk boards.

After doing the St Joan of Arc spread Georgie agreed that, if I would do a past life reading with the gorgeous young witch I had met on Instagram, she would have Karly do one for her too. “What fun” I said clapping my hands with glee.

So we got in touch with Karly and she generously agreed to do a reading for us both.

As Georgie, who spent many years working as the Popess with the LeGrande Circus and Side Show, and I took in the details of my reading Georgie was suitably impressed. She had picked up on my conflicted relationship with religion, the deep imprint that lay within my heart. But then, when her reading came through her eyes filled with tears and she sobbed. As I held her tightly we both knew that doing this was going to help her heal.

“You would have had your lovely heart broken, possibly when you decided to leave the circus. I’m feeling like it was quite a gut wrenching decision as it felt rather like walking away from your home. The tides are turning for you Georgie as we see with the five of pentacles reversed. Your time of hardship is now over. It seems like you are looking at doing more meaningful work now and the magician is clearly showing that everything you need is at the tip of your fingers! The timing is perfect for you to move ahead with manifesting your dreams. You have so much potential and drive to succeed! It seems like you are fully standing in your power right now and feel so aligned with your higher self! You are fully and completely¬†prepared to bring your vision into reality!”

Before I left Georgie asked me if I would pull a card to double check and confirm that she would manifest her dreams. You can imagine how we reacted when the Magician came out. What are the chances?

I left Georgie preparing to write in the journal I had bought her. I deliberately bought an outdated diary so that she would not feel like her entries had to be polished and so she could paste in all sorts of random bits and pieces.

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