Resurrecting Buried Memories

Reliving memories as a writer is a way to keep our loved ones alive. Plus, it is also a way to help us heal from trauma or difficult experiences.

Using Tarot and a spread is an effective way to resurrect and relive some memories. As she looked at the image of the Two of Swords Georgie remembered Gesalda, known affectionately as the ‘Electric Lady’. She and Gesalda had been close friends and supported one another while they were both in the circus.

Georgie smiles as she remembers Gesalda taking a seat in a chair rigged with a Tesla Coil. She tells me how Gesalda would shoot sparks from her finger tips, light fire with her tongue and illuminate light bulbs with her bare flesh. We both agree that was a most unusual demonstration and I wasn’t surprised that the audience found it so shockingly entertaining!

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