Bancroft Manor – FAQ


An artistic impression of the old abbey which lies within the estate!

When I purchased the long-abandoned Bancroft Manor far far away in a parallel universe I fulfilled my dream of finding the place where I could establish an Apothecary of Creativity within a residential, communal setting.

Bancroft Manor, formerly an upscale sanitorium appeared to meet all my needs. The manor house is spacious enough to house a significant number of residents. I decided that within this communal environment I could not only provide residency for creatives but also provide an online course for those who feel that they would benefit from my dispensary and creative infusions.

Details about how to join this collective may be found here.

Creatives contemplating taking up residency do have questions that need to be answered and this FAQ page will be updated as more questions materialize. Is there a membership fee? Participants are only asked to pay a one-off joining fee. However, there is an expectation that members will actively support me as I establish Bancroft Manor and that they will help me extend the reach of this collective. Depending on what you can afford, use Pay Pal to pay my agent, You may choose to pay either $20 $35 or $40 in your local currency. No explanations are required! This one-off payment will be used to help support the project.

Will I ever be asked to renew membership? No! There is just the one-off membership fee which entitles you to access to the Bancroft Collective on Facebook and the Online Writing Course.

Do I need to be very active? Can I work at my own pace? Can I promote my own creative work? You do not need to join immediately! You have plenty of time to consider if this creative collective is for you.  Once you have subscribed and provided details of a WordPress account you will be given access as an author, on  Bancroft Manor. While I moderate the site there are no administrators at Bancroft Manor who will come demanding to see your work. If you find this kind of weirdness fascinating you can be a voyeur and keep everything to yourself. However, it is my experience that when you put in you do get a lot in return. Online activity includes posting comments on posts of other members. As long as you are not a corporation you can shamelessly promote your work. This exposure will increase their readership.

Do I have to present my ideas in a public environment? No! But you do need to have a WordPress account so that you can be added to Bancroft Manor and post if you feel so inclined. Signing up with WordPress is easy and if you have never created a blog you may establish a private one for yourself.

Can I share ideas that have come from other sources? Absolutely! The whole idea of this collective is to establish a generous sharing of ideas.

Do I need to be an experienced writer?  No! You can be whoever you are! You can be a cook, chef, gardener,  photographer, a fashion designer, knitter, woodturner, singer, choreographer or travel guide if you want to be! You can have a nom de plume and live like a gipsy releasing your creative side. The more Expressive Arts that are represented the better!

What are the benefits of making my work known? Are there any drawbacks? The primary benefit is that you will not only extend your reach and establish a following and a readership but you will meet kindred spirits and will be able to connect with them. Many Soul Food Cafe members still maintain contact 10 years after Heather Blakey stopped working on the site. However, once you put your work out online it is harder to protect intellectual property.

Will I be deluged with emails? No! Any communication will be through the Bancroft Collective on Facebook.

How can I help the project? You can contribute, encourage friends who might be interested to actually join or spread the word through social media channels. Of course, you may feel inclined to sponsor someone who is housebound, lonely or struggling financially! Really! It is up to you!