Who is Georgina McClure?

Georgina McClure is Heather Blakey’s not so silent creative partner. Heather introduced Georgina as the creative force behind Bancroft Manor, a collective for creatives. Georgina carries the name of Heather’s great grandfather, George Watson, who also wrote under the name of Harold McClure.

Heather Blakey has had over thirty years experience as a secondary school teacher in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs and she has recently graduated as a Master of Social Work at Monash University.

Between 2000 and 2010 she built and managed the critically acclaimed Soul Food Cafe (http://www.dailywriting.net), a site which was acknowledged by Writers Digest and authors such as Sark and Jean Houston. While she no longer runs this labyrinthine website Soul Food informs how she works and has influenced writing courses that she runs regularly.

Heather describes herself as a purveyor of stimuli and an artistic midwife. She has worked as a specialist teacher of writing with people of all ages and believes that the expressive arts, and writing in particular, not only promotes wellness in those who trust the process and engage but helps people identify and value their unique voice. You will find current examples of her work as a purveyor of stimuli at whilewaitingforgodot.net